Dementia Care

Dementia poses unique and evolving challenges

Over 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. This figure is set to rise to over two million by 2050.

Dementia poses unique and evolving challenges for those living with the condition, for their loved ones, and their carers. As a result, many people find dealing with dementia stressful and emotionally challenging.

At Pennine Lodge we have extensive experience in dealing with dementia, early-onset dementia and related issues. We offer specialist dementia care in a calm and therapeutic environment and use person-centred activities to support those with dementia as individuals. The activities and events we provide are aimed at improving quality of life and further enhancing people’s interests and capabilities.

Pennine Lodge specialist dementia care home

Care Planning

Traditionally, dementia care fixates on the diagnosis rather than the individual. In our experience, this approach can exacerbate problems and often leads to frustration and stress for individuals and their loved ones. Research suggests that people living with dementia respond more positively when their care promotes independence and affords them dignity and respect.

Our person-centred care model is built on a relationship of trust between the person being cared for, their loved ones, and care professionals. You or your loved one is supported in an holistic way. We look after the whole person – their emotional, social and care needs. We believe in celebrating life and focusing on what individuals can do, rather than what they can’t.

We meet with everyone involved to explore you or your loved one’s care needs, tastes, interests and personality in order to complete a detailed personalised care plan. The plan sets out the level of care required and is risk assessed and agreed before you or your loved one moves into the home and is regularly reviewed to ensure the highest level of care provision.

There are lots of different types of Dementia; the most common are:

At Pennine Lodge, we have extensive experience with all types of Dementia. Our person-centred care model is built on a relationship of trust between the person being cared for, their family and care professionals.

Maintaining Independence

We believe that a thriving community is the foundation of a happy home. Our teams actively support everyone, including loved ones, to get involved in the community life of the home by sharing mealtimes, social events and relaxation time together.

Our ladies and gentlemen are nurtured and encouraged to take responsibility for as much of their own personal care as they are able. Everyone is encouraged to make our home their home and we support people to decorate and furnish to their tastes. This approach to care makes the experience of dementia care a more positive, rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone and helps people to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

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